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  • Farms Under Attack!

    Some farmers have been told they can’t farm pigs… some have been hindered by newly implemented laws. The amount of government intervention on old small farms is endless. Profits are made with housing developments, not farms and so many municipalities… Read More ›

  • Kathleen Wynne New Attack Ad


    The new Kathleen Wynne attack ad seems to assure unions that Tim Hudak is not going to support them as she has. She says nothing about her own real track record with unions; As the provence runs into record debt,… Read More ›

  • Gas Plant Scandal = Kathleen Wynne’s Coverup


    When Kathleen Wynne took office she was already aware that her predecessor acted immorally, illegally and was involved in the coverup. No top politician steps down unless they they see appending doom and the gas plant scandal was that serous for Dalton. As… Read More ›

  • Kathleen Wynne threatens Tim Hudak

    Wynne Threatens Tim

    Premier Kathleen Wynne has threatened possible legal action against Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak if he does not retract “false, misleading and defamatory” comments about her alleged involvement related to the gas plant scandal. On Thursday Hudak said, “We now… Read More ›

  • Money Making Tip! M2M Cheap Stock and Top Pick!

    Top Stock Pick

    What is M2M? The future of computers is turning into a wild and different direction and who will lead the charge? Apple? Maybe, they are spending millions on development of their i watch? Who the hell thinks the i watch… Read More ›


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